“The more you respond to my love, the more love you will receive” (Interior Word).

It is proper that love would grow the more space it is given. Therefore, the more we welcome the love of our Father within us, and the more we seek it, the more He will be able to communicate it to us.

Let us keep in mind that God’s love is unlimited, while our capacity to love is limited. When our Father dwells in us, He illuminates and warms our hearts with the power of the Holy Spirit. If we allow ourselves to be guided by this inner light and surrender to the warmth of His love, the hardness within us begins to transform and the layer of ice that surrounds our heart melts.

It is this hardness that limits our receptivity to God’s love. If we respond day by day to the motions of the Holy Spirit, divine love will be able to fill us more and more and thus we will acquire a capacity to love on another level. Indeed, it is exactly that love which flows from the Heart of the Father and reaches us. It is inexhaustible, and it will increase with each response we give it.

This is how the Father enlarges our heart, makes it wide and opens our inner eyes: “And in His light we see the light” (Ps 36:10).

In His Heart we receive a “new heart” (Ez 36).

So we only have to present to Him day by day all the narrowness, hardness and darkness of our heart, and follow the subtle guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then these words will come true: “The more you respond to my love, the more love you will receive”.