“Trust in our love and reject all attacks!” (Inner Word).

It is a simple statement, but full of infinite depth. It is very significant for our spiritual journey and therefore also for the spiritual battle that we are called to fight.

The great security that we possess as persons is the love of God, to which we can always return when we have strayed or fallen into sin.

In the message to Sister Eugenia Ravasio, our Father makes this very clear. He describes His love for us by comparing it to an “Ocean of love” into which we can throw ourselves when our souls have become bitter drops because of sin and vice. And the Father adds:

“If, because of ignorance or weakness, you yourselves happen to fall again into this state of bitterness, I shall still be an ocean of charity, ready to receive this bitter drop, transform it into charity and goodness and make you holy as I, your Father, am.”

A key tactic of the forces of evil is to convey to us a false image of God. This is how the devil did it in the first temptation in Paradise and continues to do so throughout human history. He whispers to humanity that God is indifferent, or he creates the image of a harsh and punishing God; or, at the opposite extreme, that of a God who seems so merciful that the sins of humanity no longer matter.

These are all lies that go against the true love of God. Therefore, they are attacks on the soul. That is why it is important to be sure of God’s love and to cling to it. At the same time, it is necessary to reject all attacks that consist of false images of God. They are nothing but a breath!