381st Meditation

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“Light drives away all darkness, so much so that even the slightest false thought hurts you” (Inner Word).

Light is incompatible with darkness and drives it away. When our Father makes His dwelling place in our heart, everything that should not be there has to give way. Jesus points out that all evil thoughts come from the heart of a person (Mt 15:19). When the rays of God’s light penetrate our heart, they want to dispel bad thoughts. However, this does not happen from one moment to the next, because sometimes these thoughts have already taken root in us. With God’s grace and our will we begin to renounce them, but it takes a process until we really acquire a great inner distance.

In this way, the love of our Father can penetrate more and more into our heart and we become more and more aware of how incompatible His holy presence is with the false thoughts we may still have that separate us from Him.

Yes, it is painful to perceive these repugnant thoughts in us, whether they come from the depths of our soul which is not yet fully purified, or whether the devil whispers them to us. But, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, we learn to distance ourselves from them much more quickly, and the pain over wrong thoughts is a sign of our love for the Father.

As the love of the Father penetrates our heart, we become more and more sensitive and are pained by even the slightest false thought, because it does not correspond to the immense love with which the Father comes to meet us.

In this way, He introduces us into His school of love, using even false thoughts, in order to distance us even more from them and to center us on God.