“Do not refuse Me this joy which I desire to enjoy with you! I will give it back to you a hundredfold and, since you will honour Me, I will honour you too, by preparing great glory for you in My kingdom!” (The Father’s Message to Mother Eugenia Ravasio).

It is so easy to bring joy to our Heavenly Father and thus to live in joy ourselves.

Moreover, it is what corresponds to our deepest destiny: to live simply as His beloved children and to always open the doors of our heart to our Father so that He can enter and remain there at all times.

We can put it very simply: it is just a matter of allowing our Father to exercise His fatherhood, especially towards the “children of His love”. With this name He refers to priests and religious, but it extends to all those who correspond to His love.

What will our Father do then? He will give us true peace already in the time of our earthly life and honor us by allowing us to cooperate in His work of love. But it is not enough for the Father to reward us here on earth; in eternity He will reward us “a hundredfold” for all that we have done for Him and honor us.

It is profoundly absurd that instead of seeking God’s glory, we seek to be great before people. In doing so, we deprive ourselves of the privilege of being honored directly by God, and moreover, we deprive our Father of the joy of honoring us.

On the other hand, we must not overlook our Father’s promise to prepare great glory for us in eternity. Let us think, for example, of the apostles and saints. Their memory is honored by the Church and they will never be forgotten.

The same is true of God’s memory: He will never forget the smallest thing we have done to make our Father happy and to allow Him to fill us with His love and to honor us. In eternity, the immeasurable joy of receiving all that the Father has prepared for us and living forever in His presence awaits us.