383rd Meditation

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“Keep your heart always in mine” (Interior Word).

“Wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be too” (Mt 6:21) – the Lord tells us in the Gospel. Our heart must belong first and foremost to the Father. It has its home in Him and will never be disappointed.

On the other hand, how often we can be disappointed when we attach our hearts to fleeting things. They leave us empty and reduce our capacity to love. Indeed, created things cannot respond to our deepest longing, which only in God finds its fulfilment.

Even if we have made the basic decision not to put anything before our Father and if we sincerely strive to fulfil the first commandment to the full, we are often confronted with our fickle and indecisive heart.

That is why the opening word of this meditation is so important, urging us to keep our heart always on God, without allowing it to wander. This requires us to watch over our heart. Even if we have to move in the world and encounter many things that want to catch our attention, it is always important that we do not allow ourselves to be captivated by them. Keeping our heart in God means staying connected to the Father in our innermost being, doing whatever we have to do in union with Him. This is possible!

In order to fulfil this exhortation more and more, it will be an invaluable and indispensable help to have a regular prayer life, so that the heart becomes accustomed to the exchange with God. Then it will be able to perceive more and more what brings true peace and what, on the contrary, disperses it and leaves it without deep joy. In this way, the inner attraction to the Father will grow even more.

Our Father offers us His heart and draws us so that we remain in His love and always keep our heart in His. And if the heart has wandered away, it must return to Him with promptness and repentance. Then the Father will welcome us, comfort us, instruct us and guide us on the path of love.