In the service of Heavenly Father’s love

Ninth day of the novena to God Father

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The nine days of the Abba Novena should serve us to get to know God’s love better and to experience it even more as a source of our joy.

We have been invited in the past few days to deepen the trust in God, to honor and love him – to enter into a more intimate friendship with him.

It is God’s joy to be with us and that is true for all people. Unfortunately, far too few know him and we Christians too seldom live in complete trust in him. But how rich life becomes when we know that the love of our Father is everywhere, know ourselves in Him, and perceive that His love works on us, so that we may go the way of perfection.

God wants those who know Him to become more and more familiar with Him. Then they understand his heart’s desire ever better. And how could it be otherwise: it is the wishes of a loving father’s heart, which yearns for his children, to give them everything.

We will easily understand that our father invites those who already love him to seek with him the other people.

In the booklet, often mentioned before, “Life to the Glory of the Father”,  our Father speaks that he wants the righteous – he means those who are trying to live up to his commandments – to be more full of zeal, so that the people to find the faith in God.

The Father asks us in that little book that we should go to the people to witness to his love. If the people would hear how he really is and how tenderly he loves mankind, the hearts of many would easier turn to God.

It is essential for the personal life and the apostolate that we ourselves live fully to the love of our Father and are filled with his love.

Then we can show people much better how God really is. God longs for all people, and especially for his people, whom he first chose, and who has not yet recognized his Messiah.

There are so many ways to reach people today: be it directly or indirectly.

Our father is looking for souls who put themselves at the service of his love.

Especially those are called, who stand already by their spiritual state in a special love relation to God. It is precisely with these “children of his love” that God wants to give the world the witness of his love.

Every day we can discover the love of the Father more and grow in it. Every day through our prayer and testimony we can proclaim to those who are loved by our Father and who are far from Him.

Every day we can live for the joy of the Father who can make great things out of little things.

It would be a joy for the whole Heavens – and especially for our Lord Jesus Christ – if we could completely trust and give ourselves to the love of the Father: for example by means of a personal consecration, by a renewal and deepening of the Father Consecration, because everything leads to our Heavenly Father.

From Him comes everything and returns to Him: the prayers of the Church we speak to God the Father in the Holy Spirit through Christ our Lord!

May the beloved Blessed Mother help us to conform to the will of our Father as she has done, so that we ourselves become a vessel of love that she and  the Holy Spirit can come to us and Christ will be born deeper in us!

May our lives receive and glorify the infinite love of our Father – through our response of love and service to man!