498th Meditation

How much we admire the love of a mother, who stands by her child even in the most difficult circumstances! For not a few people, this motherly love is perhaps the only thing they can rely on amidst the waves of life’s confusion and distortion.

Through the Prophet Isaiah, the Lord Himself gives us an example of this love:

“Can a woman forget her baby at the breast, feel no pity for the child she has borne? Even if these were to forget, I shall not forget you.” (Isa 49:15)

And the Father’s Message tells us the following in this regard:

“A mother never forgets the little creature she has brought into the world. Is it not even more wonderful that I remember all My creatures? So if a mother loves the little being I gave her, I love him more than she does, because I created him. Even if it happens that a mother loves her child less because of some defect, I, on the contrary, will love him still more. She may later on forget him or think of him rarely, especially when because of his age he is no longer in her care, but I will never forget him. I will always love him, and even if he no longer remembers Me, His Father and Creator, I will still remember him and love him”.

To create man from nothing and to breathe into him an immortal soul, thus making him in the likeness of God Himself, is an act of love far more conscious than the maternal love which comes from human nature itself. The former is love par excellence, which is God Himself and is addressed to each individual person, having called him into existence. Each person is indelibly engraved and lives in the loving memory of God, Who not only created him, but also provided for him Redemption and eternal life. Thus, because of His love, it is impossible for God to forget him. Man must know this and live in the certainty of this love!