“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Mt 5:16).

The works of the Lord that we do and the light in which we live by God’s grace must bear witness to the loving presence of our heavenly Father in this world.

God’s glory becomes our glory, for wherever we serve our Father and increase His glory on earth, He will not fail to make us sharers in that glory. Even if people are unable to perceive the light of good works and do not consistently glorify the Lord, we will never have done them in vain. The light is spread with every good deed, even if only God sees it. Our Father will use it and reward us.

Let us think of a nun who has given her life in a contemplative order. She does not draw attention to herself, but in secret she offers many sacrifices to help the missionaries in their work of evangelization. And how many other faithful do countless good works known only to our Father who sees in secret (cf. Mt 6:4)!

Every time we work on our own heart so that it becomes more loving, every time we reject a temptation, every act of love, however small, done in the Lord and for the Lord, is part of those works that glorify the Father and increase the light in the world.

And when people praise us for our good works, we must never forget who gave us the impulse and the ability to do them. Therefore, let us not miss the opportunity to let people know that our Father is the source of all good. Only then will good works acquire their full value and shine in their supernatural splendor, which is the glorification of God. Our Father will look upon them with joy, and the goal of the good work will be fully achieved: the goodness of the Father will be known to people, and the light that shines in our lives will become an invitation for them to seek and find the One who is the true light.