“O Lord! If only I could trace You in my heart, engrave You with golden letters in the most intimate part of my heart and soul, so that You would never be erased” (Blessed Henry Suso).

Surely our Father fulfilled this wish for Blessed Henry Suso. How could He resist such a sincere request of His love? Indeed, nothing pleases our Father more than to see us seek Him with that ardent longing that He Himself sowed in us.

You, dear Enrique Suso, have expressed this longing in such apt words, and our Father has made you a light in His Church! In you shines the gold of His love and wisdom, and that is why you are able to help us by showing us the inner way to unite with the love of God.

This is our Father! He always gives us much more than we ask of Him, and He cares so much for humanity that He integrates our personal requests into His plan of universal love and makes them bear fruit.

In this way, dear Henry Suso, you yourself became gold, and your soul became His beloved, just as you wished and asked the Lord. To this day we can nourish ourselves with this love and let it inflame our own longing for God.

I wonder how our Father looks at these wonderful requests of those He loves. We can only catch a glimpse of His joy when He finds a soul who responds to His love with total surrender. This is what He always, always hopes for…though He also rejoices in the mere fact that one soul is not lost.