411th Meditation

“Freedom is not attained by aspiring to freedom; but by aspiring to truth. Freedom is not a goal, but an effect” (Leo Tolstoy).

“The truth shall make you free” (Jn 8:32) – the Lord Himself tells us. This is what all people who strive for freedom must learn. Only by living in conformity with the Will of the Father can true freedom be achieved. Only then can the plan by which He created us become a reality in our lives.

If we do not aspire to truth, we remain trapped in a web of ignorance, error and lies. The same is true when we live submissively in “half-truths”. Just as we are called not to follow the Lord only “half-heartedly”, nor to keep God’s commandments “half-heartedly”, so we are called to seek the truth, not “half-heartedly”, but fully; that truth which is God Himself. And only then will we be able to free ourselves from this web of deception.

The great discovery will be that he who seeks truth will also find love. Love of truth will lead us to true love. Then love and truth will accompany us throughout our lives and shape us in the image of God.

We know the longing of many people for freedom. Unfortunately, it is often misguided, so that people are in danger of confusing freedom with a mere fulfilment of their own desires, wishes and illusions.

By inviting us to come to Him and live according to His precepts as His beloved children, our Father gives us access to true freedom. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to proclaim this truth to people, that is, the Lord Himself. Deep down, they are thirsting for it, even if there are many obstacles that prevent them from accepting it.