444th Meditation

“Ask my Son to make you realise more and more how merciful and kind I am to you” (Message of the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

What could please our Lord more than to fulfil such a request? Indeed, the great desire of His Heart is that His beloved Father be known. That is why Jesus will hasten to answer this prayer.

Indeed, our Father’s mercy is immeasurable. To comprehend it, we need a light from another level than that of our natural understanding. The splendour and goodness of true mercy must not be confused with false mercy, which does not take God’s holy commandments seriously enough and claims to absolve a person of all their faults before they have repented and put their life in order before God. This is precisely what He invites us to do in His mercy: to contemplate His light, to rid ourselves of all darkness and to live as His true children.

It is a great gift to be able to recognise better and better the mercy and goodness of our Father. Then our understanding is enlightened, the layer of ice that surrounds our heart melts and our soul begins to be warmed by the “fire of the Law of love”.

When our Father invites us here to turn to His Son and ask Him for the grace to know His goodness more deeply, He is appealing to our love for Jesus as well as to His.

On my way to the Catholic Church, I once asked Jesus to make me understand His love for His Mother. The answer was that it was precisely on August 15th (the Feast of the Assumption) that I converted to Catholicism.

What will happen when, at the invitation of the Father, I turn to Jesus to ask Him for the favour of making me understand more deeply the goodness and mercy of God?  I am already eagerly awaiting the answer….