517th Meditation

Even though our Father knows in advance what we need, He wants us to ask Him for it. It is precisely this prayer of petition that leads us into the right relationship with God: on the one hand, because we become aware of Who it is that we are addressing; and, on the other hand, because we take the right attitude towards Him, that is, a trusting attitude, knowing that we are dependent on God and firmly believing that He will listen to us.

Such an attitude allows God to bestow His goods on us. And then we are not only mere recipients of his overflowing goodness; but a deep union, trust and thus love grow between the Father and us.

In this way we become witnesses of His goodness and invite others to turn to the Heavenly Father in all things, so that they may come to know His love even better.

With the attitude of trusting petition, we enter more deeply into the reality of our being, for is there any creature that does not owe its existence to its Father and Creator?

We humans, being rational creatures like the angels, can consciously live this relationship with God. Not so with irrational creatures. And blinded rational creatures, for their part, reject it.

“Ask, and it will be given to you” (Mt 7:7).

The doors of the Father’s Heart are always open, if we approach Him in the right way. And God, in His love, will naturally give us all that is good for our physical and spiritual life.