433rd Meditation 

“If I were not the hope of mankind, Man would be lost. But it is necessary for Me to be recognized as such, so that peace, confidence and love may enter men’s hearts and put them in contact with their Father in heaven and on earth!” (Father’s message to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

On an objective level, our Father is the hope of humanity, just as He is its Judge, Redeemer and Saviour. Once we have received the gift of faith, we become increasingly aware of this reality, and it begins to mark all our thoughts and actions. Then arises that relationship of which the Father speaks; a relationship that should be trusting, natural and tender; a relationship that will be our great joy here on earth and our eternal happiness in the next life. It is also a source of great joy for our Father.

But it is necessary for all people to assimilate and internalise it, otherwise it will remain the glorious reality at the objective level, but until man discovers it, he will not find answers to his existential questions, nor will he find life in that relationship which is fundamental to him; that relationship which should be reflected in the relationship of father to son; that relationship which constitutes his true happiness and which will be so forever.

But how can this be transmitted to people? Certainly we cannot force them, however much we want them to understand, because it is a question of love, and love does not tolerate coercion. The example of Saint Monica shows us how her unceasing prayers, her tears and her sacrifices contributed to the conversion of her son, so that he would allow himself to be found by the love of God.

Our Father’s concern for humanity concerns each and every person. We are called to share in God’s longing and concern to save His own.

What can we do?

Let each one of us put this question to the Holy Spirit; our divine friend will not hesitate to answer!