If we want to deepen our relationship with our Heavenly Father, it is important to take time to be alone with Him. Many fruits could be listed that arise from this intimacy. However, there is one reason that can be our main motivation for seeking and cultivating this silent dialogue with our Father. He Himself mentions it:

“No one can imagine the joy I experience when I am alone with a soul!”

We know that God always has time for us. We never come to him in vain; he always listens to us when we call upon Him (cf. Ps 4:4). And this same God rejoices when we take time for Him, seeking only His presence and being alone with Him.

Is it not one of the most beautiful things in this life to be able to bring joy to other people? And how sad it is when people do not know this dimension of love and do not want to be a source of joy for others and do not experience this joy themselves!

And if it is beautiful to bring joy to people, how much more beautiful it is to give our Father the joy of being alone with Him and to spend time with Him! For the Lord this is a proof of our love, which means that His beloved child is ready to accept His love and that He can infuse into his heart all that He has prepared for him.

We are then entrusted with the task of pleasing the Lord of heaven and earth, indeed, of bringing Him such great joy that we cannot even imagine it.

And the way to do this is so easy: simply to be with God and to open our hearts to him, just as Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him (cf. Lk 10:39), and the beloved disciple reclined on the Lord’s breast (cf. Jn 13:25).

And is it not even more beautiful that, in doing so, we do not have our own spiritual growth as our primary goal, but simply that of rejoicing our Father with our presence? Perhaps it will please Him if we simply sing to Him: “Abba, Abba, Abba…”