“If you live in My love, I will give you everything through My Holy Spirit and this will be your radiant light” (Inner Word).

When we live in the love of our Father, our life becomes radiant and clear. The more we allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate us, the more the image of God in which He created us can unfold in us. It is as if we are rediscovering ourselves in the light of the Holy Spirit as we begin to shed all the images we have made of ourselves and all the false or imperfect ideals we have taken from the world and aspired to. Only then will we become who we really are and discover our true identity. Through the work of the Holy Spirit we acquire a new “spiritual naturalness”. Through the processes of purification, we learn not to be ruled by the inclinations of our fallen nature, but by the Spirit of the Lord. The grace of Holy Baptism – the new birth of water and the Spirit – shapes our existence for eternity.

How wonderful and inestimable is the work of the Holy Spirit, who glorifies the Son (Jn 16:14) and always shows us the way to our Father, to a greater love! This radiant light enlightens our understanding, strengthens our will, impels us to do good and dispels darkness.

Our Father is pleased to bestow His gifts upon us and, through the Holy Spirit, to make us more aware of His beauty and goodness. He, our Divine Friend (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjjJHNGmA9g), always strives to glorify the Heavenly Father and to serve us human beings so that also through our lives the loving majesty of God may be glorified.

Thus, in the light of the Holy Spirit, our life is transformed into an unceasing praise of God, which impels us to make known to all people this divine love that has entered our hearts.