A quicker conversion

The father speaks to his children, Part 17

The Return of the Prodigal Son

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Father’s words taken from the Message to Mother Eugenia Ravasio:

“Oh, how I would like to make known to you that I am for you an Almighty Father, and how much I would like to be so also for those to whom I want to show my benefits! I would like them to lead a sweeter life with my Law. I would like you to go to them in my Name and speak to them of me. Yes, tell them that they have a Father who, after having created them, wants to give them the treasures He possesses. Above all, tell them that I think of them, that I love them and I want to give them eternal happiness. Oh! I promise you: men will convert more quickly.

Believe Me, if you had started from the primitive Church to honour Me with a special cult, after twenty centuries there would have been few men left living in idolatry, in paganism and in so many false and evil sects, through which man rushes blindly to the abysses of the eternal fire. Look how much work remains to be done!”

What is this “sweeter life” that the Father speaks of here? Logically it is not a “dolce vita” in the style of the world, which promises pleasure and ease, but leaves the soul empty and often dirty.

So the sweet life that the Father promises can only refer to love. When life is imbued with God’s love it takes on a truly harmonious tone. From this love springs joy in God and also the joy of living. Here the deepest meaning of life unfolds and thus acquires its basic orientation.

These words of the Father remind us of those of Jesus: “Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest.” (Mt 11,28).

If we have the joy of experiencing this on a personal level, it becomes a task of love to tell people where true happiness and the source of life lies. This is what the Father also wants us to do, so that it is not only our decision, but also the fulfillment of His heart’s desire.

Is it not true that this message that we are meditating on brings us closer to the loving Father, so that we can feel how His heart beats full of love for men? We can place our heart, which is often cold and unloving, in His heart, so that, through the strength of the Holy Spirit, He can soften it.

If we have an apostolic heart, we should be very attentive to listen to the following phrases of the Father… If men knew about the goodness of the Father – that is, if we transmitted this message in an authentic way – they would convert more quickly.

This is a great promise of the Father, which in faith we should assimilate! Many things depend on the conversion of men, precisely in view of this pandemic, which we can certainly call apocalyptic.

The right answer to this situation would be the conversion of men. It should be noted that this threatening situation is occurring precisely in Lent, which traditionally should be a special time of conversion.

If the Father makes such a promise to us, related to the proclamation of His love, it would be very fruitful if we let ourselves be touched by it, and that, wherever we have our apostolate, we never forget to speak about His love and His wishes for us men.

The following phrases are also of great importance… So there is still something missing in mankind and in the Church! That special worship of which the Father speaks is a feast of its own in His honor. This wish of His has already been exposed to the Popes. But so far, no such feast has been established.

Nevertheless, there are faithful who every August 7 celebrate the Feast in honor of the Heavenly Father, with a Holy Mass using the form for the Holy Trinity.

Harpa Dei, for its part, has recorded a liturgical office dedicated to the Father, thus partially fulfilling His desire to have an office dedicated to Him. I recommend that you join in this prayer! You can find it as a video on YouTube, with subtitles to follow the texts:


Precisely in these times, when we are limited in our ability to move, and there are even countries where churches are closing, we could gain great spiritual benefit by integrating this office into our prayer life. It is similar to the prayer of Lauds or Vespers…

If we join in this prayer or listen to it consciously, we should relate it to our Father’s intention. If we do our part, He will surely do His. And let us not forget that the Father’s promise is that men will be converted more quickly!