457th Meditation

“In your constant goodness you have always sought out man. In Paradise you exclaimed, ‘Adam, where are you?’” (Praise of the Blessed Trinity).

This was our Father’s response to the painful fall of human being, the consequence of which was that sin proliferated and all future generations had to live under the shadow of original sin, except for the Virgin Mary, whom You preserved from the stain of sin so that she could be the bridge across which the Redeemer would come into the world. Read More

Attentive listening to the Word of God

Lk 8:16-18

‘No one lights a lamp to cover it with a bowl or to put it under a bed. No, it is put on a lamp-stand so that people may see the light when they come in. For nothing is hidden but it will be made clear, nothing secret but it will be made known and brought to light. So take care how you listen; anyone who has, will be given more; anyone who has not, will be deprived even of what he thinks he has.’ Read More