My divine friend (Part 2)

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My divine Friend does not come to dwell in me only when I have already put my inner house in impeccable order. On the contrary, if I ask Him to do so, He Himself helps me with that. He does not shrink from anything; He is ready to show me the dirty corners that I would not even be able to discover, and He Himself gets down to work, but always with charming kindness and great perseverance. He wants to remain forever in my soul and prepare it for eternity. There it will stand firm forever and can never be derailed again. Read More


354th Meditation

“Listen, my people, while I give you warning; Israel, if only you would listen to me! You shall have no strange gods, shall worship no alien god” (Ps 81:8-9).

These words of our Father are no less important for us today than they were in that time for the people of Israel. If we obey our Father, His Spirit can easily shape our lives, because the Lord wants to come to a union of hearts with us. The prerequisite for this is that we listen to Him and obey Him. Read More