“I love it when you are alone with me and spend the whole day looking at me” (Inner Word).

This invitation is addressed especially to those called to a life of intense discipleship of Christ. However, it is certainly not limited to this group of people, but our Father extends it to each one of us, to the extent that we can put this invitation into practice in our concrete life situation.

A few days ago I wrote a letter to the “Abba Family”, which is made up of people who want to dedicate themselves in a special way to devotion to God the Father (if anyone wants to join, they can send their inscription through the following link: In this letter I spoke about the “inner sanctuary” that we are called to take care of, and I called it “Abbastan” (the land of the Father). If we frequently retreat to this inner “Abbastan” and cultivate there an intimate relationship with our Father, we will be able to realize the invitation that He extends to us in the opening words, even when we have to deal with various external works and commitments. In this inner “Abbastan” we will be able to be alone with the Father, to focus our gaze on Him, and thus to walk hand in hand with Him throughout our entire journey.

The Lord’s invitation will always remain, and all we have to do is accept it. For this purpose, it will be of great help to invoke the name of our Lord often in our hearts and to enter into dialogue with Him, for example, through the “Heart Prayer”. In this way, our interior will be transformed into an “Abbastan” that will help us to deepen our spiritual life more and more and to become spiritual persons.

This inner sanctuary will also serve us as a refuge when we notice that the antichristian spirit of these times wants to penetrate more and more into the lives of people and even into our Church. Then we can retreat to the “inner Abbastan,” to that sanctuary where we can always worship our Father, no matter what happens on the outside.