356th Meditation

Today I want to share with you an extract from an inner word I received in prayer in the year 1984.

“Seek my Face and remain in silence before it, so that it may penetrate you. My Face is again giving a face to this world. It must pierce the darkness and imprint my features on the world. Seek my loving, suffering and holy Face.”

The world has lost its face, for it has forsaken my ways. It is worn out and destroyed. My Face will restore its face; my Face will illuminate all, for it is brighter than the sun and greater than any light. My Face is radiant and majestic, deep as a mountain lake.

Seek my Face, look into my eyes. In my soul lie great treasures for you, which you must appropriate for my Face to take shape in you.

My Face is full of grace and truth. It is the Face of my compassion. Do not tire of seeking it!

In a single instant I can comfort you.

In a single instant I can console you.

In a single instant I can heal your wounds.

I can do all things, if you only have faith.

Look into my eyes and you will be inflamed with love. I will lead you back home, to my Father and to your Father, to my God and to your God.

Seek my Face. In my Face you will find love and goodness.

Seek God in my Face.

Seek the footprints of God in my Face.

Seek majesty in my Face.

Seek beauty in my Face.

Seek suffering in my Face.

Seek the pain in my Face.

Seek the glory in my Face.

Look into my eyes. My eyes look into your heart. I know your heart”.