447th Meditation

“Proclaim love in truth. Only then will it be truly healing for people” (Inner Word).

These words clearly show us the way to follow. In fact, this is the way of acting and being of our Father Himself. Truth without love can take on the character of an implacable sword, capable of deeply wounding people. Love without truth, on the other hand, loses its contours and can degenerate, for example, into a false mercy that deceives people.

Our Father always has in mind the conversion of the person, even and especially when He lets them feel the consequences of their wrongdoing. Truth must serve to introduce a person to the reality of his existence, because when he lives in sin, he is incapable of perceiving the essence of life.

Truth flavors love, and however much it accepts the other person, it cannot fail to point out what separates that person from love. Love always wants the best for the person and wants to communicate it to him in the best possible way, so that, hopefully, he can understand and accept it.

This is our Father’s way of acting and being that we must imitate when it comes to proclaiming His love to humanity. This love of His embraces the whole person, knows his situation and his way of being. As we see in our Father’s Message to Sister Eugenia, this love is sustained by infinite patience, it is ready to suffer, it does not give up, it is capable of lowering itself to make others great…

Our Father gives us His Spirit, under whose influence the divine life can unfold in us and make us more and more like Him. Then our witness will be healing for people, because love together with truth awakens the soul to life.