365th Meditation

To know, honour and love the Father…

As we render glory to our Father and adore His holiness, we also honour Him for the fact that He has called us to life.

How wisely He has done everything! He has placed all things at our disposal and created us in His image and likeness. Already here on earth, we admire the true wisdom that we can perceive in a person, and we honour this person as the bearer of wisdom. Even though we are aware that this wisdom comes from God and that we ultimately honour the Lord for having given it to him/her, we still respect the person in question. How much more should we then honour the divine Persons and thank the Father again and again for all that we receive from Him!

Gratitude to God for having given us existence and all that we need to live is a fundamental manifestation of the honour we pay to Him. With our gratitude, we show our Father that we acknowledge His action. People who are not grateful will find it difficult to show true reverence in their lives; whereas grateful people reflect a very delicate form of reverence.

If our Father emphasises the honour we are to pay Him, conscious gratitude will be a wonderful key that we can practice day by day to learn to honour Him. The more we practice gratitude, the more our inner eyes will be opened to all that the Lord, in His superabundant love, has laid out for us. Thus, as we give thanks daily, praise will almost automatically spring up in our hearts to honour Him who is the Father of all gifts.