“He who abides in the doctrine has both the Father and the Son” (2 Jn 1:9).

True communion with the Father and the Son takes place when we abide in the right doctrine, says the Apostle John.

Our Father cannot enter a person’s heart or dwell in them unless they remain in the doctrine they received from the apostles. God’s love always goes hand in hand with the truth that He transmits to us through Sacred Scripture and the authentic doctrine of the Church, to which He reminds us through the Holy Spirit.

Just as union with God cannot happen if we live in sin – and that is why we must first go to confession to put our lives in order before God before receiving Holy Communion – so it is with error, with false doctrines. It is necessary that we first get rid of them so that the truth, which is God Himself, can dwell in us.

“God is light and in him is no darkness at all” (1 Jn 1:5). Although our Father sends His light into this world and wants to pierce all darkness with it, it can never be mixed with darkness. Just as Jesus, our Savior and the Son of the Eternal Father, was sinless to redeem sinners; just as the Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved from the stain of original sin to conceive the Son in her womb, so the pure doctrine of God cannot be mixed with error.

Therefore, we can be safe and enjoy the presence of our Father if we abide in the right doctrine. Those who deviate from it lose it more and more and become victims of deception. Instead of the healing presence of God, other forces enter the soul, confusing and weakening it.

Our Father has left us a sure way to reach Him, as long as we do not allow ourselves to be deceived and do not deviate from the doctrine.