404th Meditation

“In the salvific plan of my love, struggle occupies an important place” (Interior Word).

The struggle that the Lord wages for us and with us against the powers of darkness is not only unavoidable, but is part of the salvific plan of His love. Just as on the path of following Christ it is necessary to engage in spiritual combat in order to restrain our passions and resist the seductions of this world, it is also necessary to fight against the fallen angels. Indeed, it is they who besiege human beings, leading them astray and weaving a web of lies around them.

We must keep in mind that the fallen angels are enemies of God and of the human race. With every conscious renunciation of them, with every prayer that drives them away (as, for example, the Holy Rosary), with every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated in faith, the power of darkness is weakened.

An important aspect of the Lord’s ministry was to drive out evil spirits; what a blessing this was both for the person delivered and for all those connected with that person! Now, it is up to the Church to continue this ministry until the Return of the Lord, when the powers of evil will be definitively banished.

We are all entrusted with carrying out these acts of love, and the way in which we do so will depend on the specific vocation and gifts the Lord has entrusted to us. It is the Father Himself who, through His Son, gives us the capacity to do so, making us sharers in His own authority. It is necessary to put it into practice, so as not to leave the field free to the spirits that hate God and mankind. Therefore, the building of the Kingdom of God goes hand in hand with the rejection of those powers that want to destroy His Temple from within and from without.