426th Meditation

“The world may know that I love the Father” (Jn 14:31).

This phrase alone would suffice for us to truly encounter the Heart of our Redeemer. This affirmation allows us to know Him in great depth, because this is the most intimate desire of our Lord: “The world may know that I love the Father”.

In how many ways He tries to make us understand this!

Indeed, His whole existence speaks to us of the Father, who sent Him into the world to reveal His love to people and rescue them from going astray.

What about our Father? How does He look upon His Son? On Mount Tabor, He spoke to the three disciples whom Jesus had taken with Him: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased: hear ye him” (Mt 17:5).

If, through our daily prayer and meditation, we try to embrace ever more deeply the love of our Father, to know, honor and love Him, then we are doing exactly what Jesus wants. There will be nothing He longs for more.

When we love Jesus, we will want to love all that He loves and be entirely united to Him. And what happens then?

His redeeming love will embrace us and lead us to His Father. He will tell us of His “great love” and will not tire of bearing witness to Him, opening our eyes until we ourselves can see. Then, we will see in Jesus and with Jesus the glory of the Father, and the Holy Spirit will kindle in us the unquenchable fire of love until we ourselves have the great desire and work that “the world may know that we love the Father.”

We will bear witness that He first loved us and that herein lies true happiness.

Then Jesus will look at us with love and say, “Do you see? Now you have come to know me.”