507th Meditation

“The Lord is (…) good in all his deeds” (Ps 114:13b); the Lord is the Good One par excellence.

To the one who approached Jesus and called Him “Good Teacher,” Jesus replied: “No one is good but God alone” (Mk 10:18).

From the Heart of God flows this goodness, which is His essence and which He wants to make known to all people.

In the message to Mother Eugenia, our Father speaks of an “ocean of love” in which we can always immerse ourselves when we have failed along the way. This ocean is the sea of God’s goodness, whose invitation always remains: “So that, diving into this ocean, souls rendered bitter by faults and sins may lose that bitterness in this bath of love. They will emerge from this ocean better, happy at having learned how to be good and charitable.”

Souls are healed by the goodness of God who descends into their hearts and wants to touch all that is still dark and far from Him, all that is contrary to His goodness. This invitation is also for those who are already on the path of God, but who continue to encounter their own shadows. This is how the Father continues to tell us:

“If, because of ignorance or weakness, you yourselves happen to fall again into this state of bitterness, I shall still be an ocean of charity, ready to receive this bitter drop, transform it into charity and goodness and make you holy as I, your Father, am.”

God’s goodness, imbued with His love and wisdom, is offered to us every day. He gives us the hope that this goodness will also grow in our lives as the fruit of the Spirit. Indeed, our Father does not only want us to know His goodness, to hope in it, and to live by it. No, He also wants us to imitate Him so that we ourselves may become good and so that all our actions may be good and so that, as His children, we may bear witness to God’s goodness.