The healing of the soul through the Lord, Part 4 – The Holy Mass and the Eucharistic Adoration

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Faith restores our true connection with God, he is nourished by the Word of God, which gives us the light of truth ever more deeply and raises us up. In the forgiveness of sins, God opens his heart wide for us and we experience his unspeakable mercy.

In the encounter with the love of God, which gives us the sacraments of baptism and repentance, the soul heals more and more from the consequences of her apostasy from God. She no longer lives in the darkness and, despite all remaining struggles, has found the way to be receptive for the grace of God and thus receive the healing goodness of the Lord. A truly different life has begun, a life that gives man his original beauty again and he regains his dignity.

In this way God gives more countless aids. Particularly is the Holy Mass with the reception of the Holy Communion. Here, God gives himself in a wonderful way and spiritually nourishes man with his own body and blood.

We see that God does not simply give us wise advice on how our soul can heal. No, he gives himself and unites with us where we are most removed from him: in the loss of the divine vision and the related intimate union with God. In the Holy Communion, Jesus gives us his god-human nature, penetrating our wounded being.

The Holy communion as a divine food also serves to heal our sick soul. The loss of the immediate relationship with God had brought all negative consequences. The union with the Lord now, which the Lord offers on a sacramental path to those who are in the state of grace, leads the soul to her identity: she becomes a home of the living God. God lives in her.

The reception of the hl. Communion can be continued in a special way in the Eucharistic adoration. In the worship of the Blessed Sacrament of the altar in the tabernacles of our churches – sometimes the monstrance is also visibly – the union with Jesus in the Holy Communion finds its spiritual continuation. The soul adores God and thus enters deeper and deeper into her transcendent destiny, for in eternity we will adore God with the angels and the saints.

The healing process by the reception of the hl. Communion and the continuation of Eucharistic adoration leads to a permanent transformation in man. He awakens to a more contemplative attitude, to an attitude of hearing and receiving, which also enlightens and fertilizes his active actions.

The impulses of his action are now less determined by the natural impulses of our human nature – which often enough are still faulty and influenced by the consequences of original sin- but are guided by the Holy Spirit. We learn more and more to listen to God and to understand the Holy Spirit more easily by gaining a contemplative attitude.

The soul understands now more and more from the inside her way.

The disorientation loses itself increasingly, the soul returns more easily to God and seeks his closeness. It loses in a good way the taste of the world and avoids unnecessary distractions. The prayer life becomes deeper and thus the conditions for a lasting healing of the soul arise, because in the permanent conversation with God, which represents the prayer, the soul becomes accustomed to God and regains her spiritual taste of God.

This is a big step to her total healing, to which she wants to lead God.