“Oh, how I would like you to know the range of this enterprise, its greatness, its breadth, its depth, its height” (Message of God the Father to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

These words of God the Father were addressed to Pope Pius XI, then to Pope Pius XII, and certainly to all the Popes who followed him.

But to this day, neither the feast requested by our Father has been established, nor has the special devotion to our Heavenly Father been promoted.

Without entering into a theological discussion here, I would like to remind you that the enterprise that God the Father wanted to establish through Mother Eugenia was examined very intensively and rigorously by the responsible bishop, Mgr. Caillot of Grenoble, and came to a positive conclusion. We can therefore assume that these are truly the words of our Heavenly Father.

With this in mind, let us think very carefully about the above words to the Pope and listen to the next ones:

“If only you knew how much I desire to be known, loved and honoured by men with a special devotion! I have had this desire for all eternity and since the creation of the first man”.

My daily meditations on God the Father are to serve this desire of His. May God, in His goodness, grant to all those who strive for a deeper devotion to our Heavenly Father the grace that He wants to give to all mankind when they recognize, honor and love Him, and when this long-cherished desire for a special feast for God the Father is fulfilled.

One day, we can only hope, this will certainly be the case. But unfortunately, a long delay can prevent the grace given by our Father from taking full effect even now. And how much this grace would be an infinite gift, especially in the present turmoil in the world and in the Church!

Therefore, I ask all those who receive my meditations on the Father to pray that the greatness, breadth, depth and height of this enterprise may be understood and that the Father’s desire, which He carries within Him from eternity, may be fulfilled.