A beautiful flower in our Father’s heart is His mercy. With it, and not with inflexible severity, He wants to judge the world. Mercy is His unsurpassable motivation to be ever vigilant and to go out again and again in search of men, so that they may open themselves to His love.

In the Message to Mother Eugenie, He says to us:

“Let them [the sick, the dying, and all those who suffer] know that I want only one thing: to love them all, to give them My grace, to forgive them when they repent and, most of all, to judge them not with My justice but with My mercy, so that all may be saved and numbered among My elect”.

If only people would understand that! Then that distorted image they often have of God would vanish. It is none other than the enemy of man who, from the beginning and throughout human history, tries to transmit to us a false image of God. Unfortunately, he has not infrequently succeeded in obscuring the truth of God’s love.

But our Father, with great patience and perseverance, tries to correct this unjust and false image that has been sown in many hearts. Thus we read in the same Message:

“I wished to remind you of these things so that you would be more and more convinced that I am a very good Father, not a fearsome one, as you believe”.

God does not “give rein to His fierce anger” (cf. Hos 11:9) in order to force people to believe in Him. On the contrary! In the Person of His Son, He stretches out His arms on the cross and exclaims: “Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing” (Lk 23:34). Thus He has opened wide the gates of mercy, which will remain open until the end of time. This is God’s will! Then man will understand that the Heavenly Father loves us to such an extent…