468th Meditation

“And you, My children, who have lost the faith and live in the darkness, raise your eyes, you will see shining rays coming to illuminate you” (The Father’s message to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

The situation of those who have lost their faith is one of great need. Let us think, for example, of a religious or a priest who has abandoned his vocation. Perhaps he started well, trying to serve his Lord with great fervour. But then temptations came and he ended up falling into them. The more he fell, the less he was able to resist – and perhaps no longer wanted to. So love grew colder and colder, and darkness spread. And this darkness weighs especially heavily on those who were once close to the Lord. How difficult it is for them to return!

But the inexhaustible love of our Father, who knows well the darkness – perhaps also the despair or great indifference – that seizes hearts when they lose faith, is also addressed to them. He simply invites them to raise their eyes, for this is what they lack. Otherwise they will remain closed in on themselves and the powers of darkness will put more and more chains on them.

God’s light is always there and never ceases to shine. Our Father, who is waiting for His lost child, is always ready to forgive. One only has to raise one’s eyes and God will shed the rays of His light on the darkened heart so that we can start our journey home. There we are eagerly awaited. We don’t have to be afraid of all the accusations that may be thrown in our faces. On the contrary, we are awaited with joy, like beloved children who finally want to return to the light and leave the darkness behind. God will give us everything we need to do so: the knowledge of His love, the knowledge of Himself and the innumerable means to return to loving communion with Him and to renew the love… If only we would raise our eyes to God!