476th Meditation

“Remember the wonderful works that he has done, the wonders he wrought, the judgments he uttered” (1 Cro 16:12).

Sacred Scripture never tires of reminding us of God’s wonders and praising his wise precepts. Indeed, it is very easy for us human beings to forget what our heavenly Father has done, is doing and will continue to do for us.

In the Gospel Jesus asks: “When the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Lk 18:8), and in the message to Sister Eugenie, our Father laments that people forget Him and His love. He tells us, among other things: “Why did I command Moses to build the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, if not because I had a burning desire to come and dwell with my creatures, mankind, as a Father, a brother and an intimate friend? In spite of this, they have forgotten Me”.

It is a question of internalising deeply what the Father does for us, so that it is engraved in our soul as an indelible memory. How often the Lord has taken us out of difficult situations! But when a new difficulty arises, we often react as if this fact were not present in the depths of our being. On the contrary, the living memory of God’s action, His Word and His commandments would make us aware of His love, and this certainty would give us the light to face the situation.

An excellent remedy against forgetfulness is to give thanks for all that we receive, because gratitude connects us with the Giver of gifts and deepens our relationship with the Father. Another help is to meditate frequently on His goodness manifested for others and in our own lives.

Another essential help is to ask the Holy Spirit to remind us of it, for He is the living memory in us, reminding us of all that Jesus said and did (cf. Jn 14:26). If we have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, it will be easy for us to remember the benefits that God has shown us.