385th Meditation

“Mildness, which is the work of the Holy Spirit, can conquer more hearts than hardness” (Interior Word).

Is this not how our Heavenly Father treats us, and does not this mildness exhale His entire Message to Mother Eugenie?

However, mildness should not be confused with a false compliance or even fickleness. Rather, mildness is firm in love and is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. For this reason it can act more easily in hearts than hardness, which rather causes fear and intimidates the soul. Of course, sometimes a certain harshness is unavoidable, and then that too is good. But gentleness in dealing with people, without losing firmness, will have a lasting effect on the heart, so that it will remember with pleasure this gentle touch upon it.

When we think of mildness, to us Catholics, the Virgin Mary comes to mind. It is significant that so many people confidently turn to the mild Queen of heaven and earth. She has easy access to the hearts of the faithful, and is often still able to touch them when all our attempts have been in vain.

If we enter Mary’s school and the school of the Holy Spirit, this mildness can also grow in us. Certainly Our Lady wants to teach us to adopt her way of being and acting, which is possible for both men and women, although with a somewhat different nuance. Mildness is strength, while excessive hardness is rather a sign of a certain inner insecurity.

Let us accept the invitation addressed to us in the opening words of this meditation, asking that the wonderful fruit of mildness may grow in us, so that our passions may be tamed and harshness may disappear from our being. Then it will be easier for us to conquer hearts for God and this will greatly please our Father.