440th Meditation

“How I rejoice to be among you, hour by hour, day by day!” (Inner Word).

Our Father’s declarations of love are innumerable and move the heart.

If we human beings were to interiorise these words, a wonderful horizon would open up in our lives. Indeed, how different it is to live with the certainty of being children loved and sought after by God than to believe, as is so often the case, that we have to beg for love in order to feel valued! No, it is not necessary to fight for this love, it is already there, always and forever. It is indestructible! Only we ourselves can move away from God’s love, but without our Father ceasing to love us, because “God is love” (1Jn 4:8b).

This love knocks at our door in the morning and wants to be reciprocated. It has been with us all night and is happy to meet us when we wake up. That is why believing Jews usually say a prayer first thing when they wake up, before any other activity. Why not greet the Lord in the first conscious moment of our day and thank Him in the evening? Let us not forget!

Isn’t it touching to know that the Holy God – our loving Father – watches over us and welcomes us when we wake up in the morning? This is true regardless of our state of mind, the nightmares we may have had, the fears or any other difficult circumstances that may afflict us. It is precisely when the circumstances that accompany our awakening do not seem attractive that our Father’s promise counts all the more. Thus we can also offer our bad mood to Him so that He can touch it with His love.

Everything is ready! We only have to turn to Him and not lose a moment.