“I long to fill you more and more with blessings. That is why I am constantly offering you new graces and reminding you of the graces you are letting pass without making use of them for your souls” (Message of the Father to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio).

The goodness and grace of our Heavenly Father are inexhaustible, and that is why He longs to fill us with them. It is not just a general desire of our Father to do us good; it is His deepest longing. We often fail to understand this, and so we easily pass by what God wants to grant us or we hesitate to respond to His desires; we dwell on unnecessary things and tend to become lazy when it comes to fulfilling with great fervor what is really important and what has been entrusted to us.

The Father constantly offers us new graces, taken from the “treasure chest of His love,” because He delights in filling us with this love. In a certain sense, we could say that the Lord can hardly contain Himself when it comes to giving us the graces He has in store for us. Often it is we ourselves who set limits.

Therefore, God gives abundantly to those who are willing to receive His grace. “To every one who has will more be given“, the Lord tells us (Mt 25:29). This means that the person who cooperates with grace will receive more and more, while the one who does not avail himself of it may even lose what he thought he had.

Another thing we should keep in mind from the words we heard today from the message to Sr. Eugenia: Our Father reminds us of the graces we have already received, but which we have not yet known how to use for the good of our souls and to grow in love. This is a great negligence, because with every grace that we “leave lying around”, so to speak, with every talent that we dug in the ground, to use the biblical expression (cf. Mt 25:18), we do not fulfill the purpose for which God gave it to us and we do not make it bear fruit.

Therefore, with God’s help, let us examine the graces that God has already given us and that we have perhaps not yet taken advantage of, so that we do not fall too far short of the plan that our Father has drawn up for us in His love; and let us respond at least a little to His desire to fill us with graces.