397th Meditation

“I am the Ocean of charity” (Message of the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

These words of the Heavenly Father to Mother Eugenia Ravasio are a profound invitation to dive confidently and totally into this ocean. God’s love is so infinitely great that the Father resorts to the comparison of the ocean so that we can inTUit its greatness, its immensity and its depth. Just as the magnitude of the ocean-this imPEtuous creation of God-impacts us, arousing in us a feeling of awe and respect, so does the Father want the magnitude of His love to move us.

If we throw ourselves into the “ocean of love” and immerse ourselves in it, it will draw everything to itself and fill us completely. In this way, rivers of living water will flow from within us (Jn 7:38), allowing others to taste this water as well. We bear witness to the source, which is the ocean of God’s love, and we assure them that all people can be immersed in this ocean, that God’s love is wide and deep enough to embrace and fill all His creatures.

Our Father’s language is of a holy simplicity, so that we can easily understand it.

Diving into the “ocean of charity” is a very appealing invitation, and the certainty that no danger threatens us in it will take away the uneasiness and fearfulness that we may associate with the ocean comparison. What remains is the immensity and transcendence of God, who invites us not to postpone the adventure of “great love” so as not to let our Heavenly Father wait any longer.