“I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me” (Ps 16:7).

Our Father speaks to us in many ways and leaves no one without instruction. Indeed, what father would refuse to counsel his son when he asks for it? How much more will our Heavenly Father counsel us in a variety of ways! His divine counsel will always be available to us if we will only seek it.

One of the ways in which the Father counsels us is by making the Spirit of Counsel work in us. This is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which, in the concrete situations of our life in following the Lord, points out to us what the will of God is and moves us to take the appropriate steps to fulfill it.

On a general level, we know the will of our Father and we know that in order to live according to it we must keep His commandments and put into practice what the Gospel and the authentic doctrine of the Church teach us. However, we are often faced with situations in which we do not immediately know what is right. In such cases, it is highly advisable to turn to the Holy Spirit in prayer. He, our divine friend, sent by the Father and the Son, will not fail to give us an inner light and will move us in His gentle way to put into practice what He has counseled us.

This intimacy with the Holy Spirit is an excellent way for the Father to transmit His instructions to us and for us to perceive them with increasing sensitivity. He also speaks to our hearts, admonishing us, reminding us of His presence, giving us paternal corrections, and much more, so that we may bless Him for His wisdom and paternal care.