Almost the whole world feels threatened by a virus. Governments take precautionary measures that not seldom resemble a state of war and a dictatorial form of government. In a short time, some democratic states have become regimes that proceed against those citizens who are unwilling to adopt the sometimes draconian measures taken to deal with this crisis.

What has happened?

Is the Covid-19 illness really so serious as to justify such measures? Can the current threat be compared to that experienced during other epidemics, such as the “Black Death”, which carried off a large percentage of the European population?[1] Is it really a killer virus, which in a very short time wipes out the lives of countless people?

No, it is not!

The reality is different from what we are constantly being told by the media. In the majority of infected people, the disease is not much more serious than the flu. The case fatality rate is not so high as to make it necessary to protect the entire population with the measures propagated by the WHO and governments.[2]

By forcing exaggerated fears – and the fear of death is a strong motivator – people can easily be influenced to do whatever they are told. For the sake of these fears, they are also quickly willing to have the freedoms to which they are normally entitled curtailed, in order to then regain them under the conditions which the governments prescribe. They want to continue to live their lives as they did before!

The fear of contracting and spreading a potentially lethal virus was the justification for governments to take drastic measures, which – as research has shown[3] – cause great harm to the population, both physically and psychologically.

In the public sphere, there is increasingly a single point of view on the measures to be taken in the current crisis, which is the one advocated by governments and their experts. Virtually all “warning voices”, who have good reasons to disagree both on the nature of the disease and on the methods being employed to counter it, are ignored. This applies in particular to the so-called “vaccines”,[4]which pose a great risk to the population because they have not been sufficiently investigated.[5]

Despite the fact that many negative consequences can already be observed now, the intention is to inoculate the entire world population. Very serious side effects can occur[6], and the number of vaccine-related deaths is also increasing.[7] There are enough warnings that should make us rethink. But so far, politicians are ignoring these signals. This is devastating!

It is clear that a grave deception is at work here. It is above all the ordinary citizens who are being deceived. They are denied complete information about the actual dangers of this disease. Nor are they being told that it is possible to counteract it with alternative treatments, both prophylactically and in case of an actual infection[8].

In general, the handling of information on this subject in the public sphere is more reminiscent of communist propaganda than of a truth-seeking process in an open democracy.

Most people simply adopt the official narrative, and it does not even occur to them that the reality might be different from what is said. Nor do they have any knowledge of those doctors and scientists who warn, sometimes insistently, against the consequences of vaccination[9], but also against “masking”[10] and the lockdowns[11]. Nowhere do they learn that an increasing number of people are suffering serious consequences after the inoculation. They are also unaware of the fact that influential media censors views that differ from the official one, so that the population stays on course.

They do not reflect on the fact that in this process of worldwide vaccination, the big pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits, and that there are rich backers who get richer and richer. If they ever come across such statements, they will not believe them. With indignation, they will oppose it if someone tells them about it and warns them that there might even be an evil plan behind it. They will immediately label such claims as “conspiracy theories”. They feel safe following the official policy line.

Unfortunately, things are different, because deception also affects politicians.

Where will help come from for those who have been deceived?

One might expect it from the Church, for she would have other possibilities to reach people when the media world places itself unilaterally in the service of mainstream politics. She could – with the corresponding insight – publicly oppose these developments and thus become an important corrective. If the church had insisted that only morally clean and safe vaccines be used, this might have triggered a fruitful discussion.

But it is painful to see the behaviour of church authorities, who not only accept the measures of governments, but even endorse them and sometimes even become pioneers of their implementation. In the person of Pope Francis, who is often regarded as the highest moral authority, even at the world level, one finds a major promoter of this vaccine. Moreover, he exerts indirect pressure on the consciences of the faithful by declaring that this vaccination would be a kind of moral obligation and by speaking of inoculation as an act of love[12]. Other prelates are doing the same…

So we see that the official Catholic Church has also fallen into this widespread deception. Already now we see bishops making the vaccine a condition for clergy and employees[13], and also seminary directors doing so with their seminarians.[14]

However, not a few Catholics reject the vaccines currently on offer, because they know that foetal cell lines from aborted children were used, either in their development, in the testing phase or in the production itself[15]. They are aware that the procurement of these cell lines involves a cruel procedure with still-living embryos[16]. Therefore, their conscience does not allow them to submit to such inoculation.

But instead of the church authorities providing these faithful with an exemption stating that they refuse the vaccine on religious grounds, there have already been (and are becoming more and more frequent) cases where church representatives refuse to issue such certificates[17].

How much darkness is manifested here! The faithful are not only abandoned by their shepherds, but the latter even refuse to give them this help and cooperate in the coercion of the persons.

The Church, who defends the rights of unborn children, is in this case giving a concrete anti-testimony. The shepherds who act in this way are deceived, and now they also deceive other people (cf. Ez 34). They bring to mind those words of Jesus: “They are blind leaders of the blind” (Mt 15,14).

How can this happen?

We cannot understand the “great deception” without considering its spiritual dimension. It is therefore indispensable to take a look at the spirit that is behind such deceptions and who wants to lead everything according to his plans, which go far beyond simply overcoming an infectious disease.

Thanks to Sacred Scripture and the doctrine of the Church, we can recognise that this spirit is Lucifer, a fallen angel of high rank. God had endowed him with great gifts. But he succumbed to a fatal self-deception, because he no longer wanted to serve God, but to put himself in His place. Thus he became a deceiver, who deceives others and deceives himself (cf. 2 Tim 3,13). Since then, Lucifer tries to set up his own kingdom under his dominion.

In our context it is important to understand that he is the spiritual power that in many ways consciously deceives people. He tries to influence their thoughts and wants to win them over to serve his hidden plans. For this purpose, being a “master of deception”, he makes use of people’s bad inclinations and increases them. He deceives by hiding evil behind what is apparently good. Many people let themselves be influenced by him, without being aware of it.

Through sin, Lucifer gains power over men. Any kind of corruption is for him a good opportunity to bind people.

If we perceive that there is corruption in this crisis; if we notice that dictatorial measures are taken; if people can only buy their “new freedom” with the vaccine; if all this eagerness to be vaccinated and to vaccinate is given an almost religious touch, then we can recognise that the “spirit of deception” is at work here. He tries to present this vaccine as something positive and as if it were the only solution to the crisis.

Only in this way can we understand how such a globally coordinated action can take place, and how it is that so many people are falling into the grave deception. There are even religious people who, even though they have their lives in order before God, participate in this deception.

The peak of deception

Lucifer has managed to ensure that God is hardly mentioned in connection with this vaccine, as if He had nothing to do with this event and there is no message for mankind in this plague.

Here the deception has reached its peak, because in reality, if God allows such a plague, it is because He wants to tell us something through it. From the perspective of faith, it is not difficult to understand the message, and the Church should proclaim it “from the housetops” (Mt 10:27).

Already in the message of the Old Testament it is clear that God allows certain misfortunes in order to call people to turn away from their wrong ways and to return to Him. Every life away from God’s commandments brings destruction, whether the person is aware of it or not. Those who do not keep their eyes closed, can clearly see that many sins are being committed, even in public, offending God and threatening the sanctity of life.

Through his sins, both public and personal, man separates himself from God, and permits and cooperates with the powers of darkness carrying out their sinister plans.

God, who calls man to conversion and sanctification, wants to make clear to him, through certain misfortunes that he allows to happen, what the essentials of life consist of. He invites people to seek Him, and not to rush through their lives without ever asking themselves the essential questions about truth, about true love, and ultimately about God Himself. When they really meet God, they will breathe a sigh of relief, because they will discover the deeper meaning of human existence. God meets people by sending his Son Jesus Christ into the world, who offers us forgiveness of sins and a new life in God (cf. Col 1,14).

Today, however, this message is less and less being proclaimed in word and deed. Instead, darkness is spreading. Now God allows people to experience this darkness in a tangible way. But, if one learns to understand it correctly, this situation becomes a wake-up call for us to put our lives in order before God. Where there is a sincere conversion, not only does one’s own life become ordered and fruitful in the Spirit of God, but also the present situation, which is so painful, will change. The condition is the conversion of men, because by leading a life far away from God, one cooperates – even if unconsciously – with those dark powers that want to enslave people.

The darkness surrounding the present plague will dissipate if we include God in our interpretation of events, and, moreover, if we learn to perceive in them His love and concern for us men. Worse than any virus and its respective consequences is a life that does not find the purpose God has intended for it, or even perverts it into the opposite. Since men often do not listen to His voice and miss the gift of His closeness and grace, the Lord may allow such a painful situation as the present one, in order to awaken them. Thus, these critical times can even become a blessing, as long as man does not close himself off.

Br. Elijah

September 2021





[2] According to a study by Dr Ioannidis, the case fatality rate in Covid-19 patients is only 0.23%. This means that, according to his calculations, out of every 10,000 people infected, only 23 die from coronavirus disease (

[3] Professor Alon Chen, a neuroscientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, says: “It was clear from the get-go that the pandemic itself, and the ensuing containment policies that included nationwide lockdowns and social and physical isolation, would have a momentous impact on our overall emotional well-being.

Studies coming in from all around the world – from China to Australia – have only just begun to reveal the scope of the pandemic’s effect on mental health.” (

[4] In this text, I will use the term vaccine, as this is how it is generally referred to. But it is not really a vaccine in the conventional sense, but an injection of an experimental gene-based substance.

[5] One of these “warning voices” is Professor Stefan Hockertz – an immunologist, pharmacologist and toxicologist – who said in an interview: “We know almost nothing about these vaccines, except that they contain mRNA. We know that in the BioNtech and Moderna vaccines, this mRNA is supposed to be transported into the cells via lipid droplets or nanosomes. At AstraZeneca, the genetic material is introduced via a viral vector, which is also not a really proven technology (…). The manufacturers, but also the Paul Ehrlich Institute, now admit that this vaccine does not prevent infection at all. So you can still get infected and infect others. The only claim that is now being made is that it will prevent the most severe forms of the disease, but this has not been proven in any study either!” (

[6] Until 02.09.2021 the European Medicines Agency (EMA) registers more than 500,000 presumed side effects of the vaccines; many of them classified as serious. (

[7] The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) alone records 14,100 deaths following vaccination in the USA as of 23.08.2021. (

[8] Among alternative treatments, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin have been used with great success by some doctors to treat Covid-19 patients. 171 studies have shown that early application of HCQ reduces the negative effects of the virus, hospitalisations or deaths by 64%. (

[9] For example, a group of 57 leading scientists, physicians and policy experts recently published a report questioning the safety and efficacy of current COVID-19 vaccines and calling for an immediate stop to all vaccination programmes. (

[10] Alexander P. (2021, April 21). The danger of masks.

[11] Bendavid A., Oh C., Bhattacharja J., Ioannidis J. (2020, Diciembre 24). Assessing mandatory satay-at-home and business closure effects on the spread of COVID-19.

[12] Recently, in a videoconference addressed to the populations of America, Pope Francis said: „Getting a Covid jab that is “authorized by the respective authorities” is an “act of love.” Helping other do the same, he said, is also an act of love. “Love for oneself, love for our families and friends, and love for all peoples.”

[13] Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich released a new archdiocesan policy, ordering “all employees and clergy” to receive the COVID-19 injections, threatening “disciplinary measures” if priests and employees do not comply. (

[14] For example, on the official website of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, the following notice reads: “To achieve our goal of at least 80% immunity within our community, undergraduate students (…) and seminarians are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before coming to campus in August 2021.” (



[17] For example, some dioceses in the United States that have openly stated that they will not give religious exemptions for the Covid-19 vaccine are: Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Diego, Chicago, among others.