“A word is not yet on my tongue before you, Lord, know all about it” (Ps 139:4).

From the time when thoughts arise within us until we utter them in words, there is still a way for us to restrain them, so that no word may come from our lips that would displease our Father.

In yesterday’s impulse we heard that it is necessary to examine even our thoughts in the light of God. This process – which is called “asceticism of thoughts” – should be carried out by looking up to God and loving Him, so that the relationship of trust with our Father grows even more. In this way, our sensitivity and delicacy towards God increase, so that we can easily identify even the slightest deviation of thoughts, because, as the Book of Wisdom says, “Perverse thoughts separate people from God” (Wis 1:3).

This constant attitude of vigilance also helps us to avoid pronouncing improper words. Indeed, wrong words are even more grave than wrong thoughts.

This must go hand in hand with moderation of our passions, for often the inappropriate words are connected with certain emotions and feelings.

Here, too, it helps us to look up to our Father. Since He knows our words before they reach our tongue, He will be able to help us not even to allow them to become “incarnate”. We will be able to do this if we appease in God all emotions and passions that are connected with inappropriate words.

This, in turn, trains us in self-control, which is by no means repression, but the right application of our freedom. We ourselves must decide which words to utter and which not to!

Thus, the holy words of Psalm 138 can help us to better walk our inner path with the Lord, so that our heart may be purified and become a glorious dwelling place for our Father. This is what He so desires!