361st Meditation 

To know, honour and love the Father…

How can we fail to mention the incomparable knowledge of the Father that we acquire through His Son? Every word and gesture of Jesus, whether recorded in Scripture or handed down by Tradition, bears witness to our Heavenly Father.

Whoever cultivates a relationship of love and trust with Jesus, relates to the Father Himself. Whoever gazes into the Heart of the Saviour sees the Father; indeed, they share in the love Jesus has for the Father.

During the last few days, I had the opportunity to contemplate the miraculous Face of the Lord that was formed in the chapel of our community in Germany. It was for me an unforgettable impression, and again and again I had to remind myself: “You are looking at the Face of Jesus, as it must have looked like on the Cross, because this Face was not made by human hands and is therefore not subject to the intuition of an artist”.

The longer I remained in silence before the Face of the Lord, the more I could notice how this Face was engraved in my heart with its gaze on the Father. Although at this moment I am no longer in that place and can therefore no longer directly receive this grace of the Lord’s visible presence, His Face has remained etched in my heart. It is as if He is always present and, through Him, also the Face of the Father in the Son.

When I look into my heart, I find Him there.

I am aware that it is a gift from the Lord. I want to share it, and that is why, together with today’s meditation, I attach a link ( andón-sobre-el-rostro-de-jesús-update-on-the-face-of-jesus_xYdPDExSqiKrkxh.html) and an image that you can download. Perhaps the contemplation of this Face of the Lord, which was miraculously formed in the veil covering the cross, will give you all an access to be even more intimately united to the Father, as Jesus raises His eyes to Him. And surely the Father also looks upon His Son in the hour of His greatest surrender.

Download picture: “Jesus gaze on the Father”