380th Meditation

“You are my friend and confidant. Take courage and go on your way day by day” (Inner Word).

God wants to bring us into such a close relationship. Our Father Himself seeks our friendship, so that we may be united with Him in the great work He wants to accomplish on earth for people and with people.

It is easy to open one’s heart to a confidant. In this case, it is our Father who wants to trust us and to open His heart to us. Is this possible?

Yes! Let us consider that He entrusted His own Son to the care of His human parents; let us remember that, in the Eucharist, Jesus gives Himself into the hands of the priest… We could list many other things that God commits and entrusts to His own.

But, on the other hand, we also have the Gospel passage which tells us that “Jesus knew all people and did not trust himself to them” (Jn 2:24). So it is not a matter of blind trust.

There is a condition for the Lord to be able to speak to a person as a friend and confidant: the latter must prove himself worthy of the Lord’s friendship and trust. Let us remember the Old Testament figures such as Moses and Elijah, Jeremiah and other prophets. Let us think of the disciples of Jesus in the New Testament, to whom the Risen Lord entrusts the mission of proclaiming the Gospel to the ends of the earth (Mt 28:19-20). Let us think of Peter, to whom He entrusted the task of feeding His sheep (Jn 21:15-17).

Also the many saints are an example of how much the Lord delights in entering into a relationship of friendship and trust with us.

Let us pause for a moment: You and I are also called to be friends and confidants of the Lord. He is not far away; He wants to come very close to us. Therefore, the invitation is addressed to us to show ourselves worthy of the Lord’s friendship, remaining faithful to Him even in difficult times. May He be able to count on us! And we, as His friends and confidants, will be able to continue our journey, day by day, comforted.

If we remain in Him, we will not go astray and we will prove ourselves worthy of His trust.