379th Meditation

“Do the Will of the Heavenly Father willingly, entirely and immediately” (Inner Word).

What great simplicity our life takes on when we begin to make these words a reality! What joy for the Heavenly Father when a soul seeks to serve Him in this way! How many unnecessary complications, which often make life sluggish and cumbersome, will fall away!

How easily our Father can guide such a soul, communicating His Will to it!

This is the attitude of all those angels who remained faithful to God. For them, it is a burning desire and immeasurable joy to fulfil His Will in this way.

Certainly, they do not carry that heaviness of our earthly life; they are forever and irrefutably firm in their bond of love with the Father; they are no longer exposed to any temptation and are fully perfect beings. However, we too, who are imperfect people, can set out – with God’s grace and the help of the holy angels – to do everything willingly, immediately and entirely. We can burn with them in the desire to fulfil the Will of God. The difficulties that our fallen nature brings with it will even be credited to us as merit by the Heavenly Father.

Do God’s Will willingly… It is the spirit of piety that moves us to live for the joy of our Father.

To do God’s Will entirely… It is faithfulness to our Father, strengthened by His Spirit, that enables us to do His Will to the end, without breaking off prematurely. There is an excellent English expression that applies here: “to the very end”.

To do God’s Will immediately, without hesitation, without delay… One can certainly take circumstances into consideration, but not stop out of fear of them or lack of inner freedom. Once we have recognised God’s Will, we must set out – at least spiritually – to glorify the Father.