“How hard for me to grasp your thoughts,

how many, God, there are!

If I count them, they are more than the grains of sand;

if I come to an end, I am still with you” (Ps 139:17-18).

Can we know God’s thoughts?

Yes, because the Father communicates Himself to His friends and confidants. If we read Holy Scripture, we can come to understand it as a letter from God to all mankind. The Father has not promised to make us omniscient. Indeed, why should we claim to be? No one can encompass the whole of His thoughts, nor is it essential to know everything.

What we can be sure of is that God will let us know everything that is important for our path with Him. And beyond that, He wants to make us partakers of the mysteries of His heart, depending on our receptivity and His free choice.

Every thought of God is life and gives life. Everything our Father communicates to us flows from the fullness of His love. Every word He speaks can transform our whole life, if only we accept it and allow it to penetrate us.

His thoughts are always thoughts of love. Even when He allows us to feel the consequences of our turning away from Him, He does so out of love, calling us back to Him.

Even when He tells us about hell and warns us that man can go so far as to decide against God, His intention is to draw our attention to the fact that we should lead our lives in vigilance and pray for all men, that they may never deliberately close themselves off from love.

From the moment we wake up we know that we are sheltered in his love. Blessed is the man who dedicates the first thoughts and words of the day to his Father in Heaven; He is waiting for him and will reward his faithfulness by making love grow!