437th Meditation

“My children, I will not speak to you about the whole greatness of My infinite love, because you have only to open the holy books, to look at the crucifix, the tabernacle and the Blessed Sacrament, to realize the extent to which I have loved you!” ( Message of the Father to Sister Eugenia Ravasio).

There are communities and parishes where the exposed Blessed Sacrament is frequently adored. There are even places where “perpetual adoration” is practised. Surely this is a realisation here on earth of what we will do without ceasing and without limit in eternity: adore the Most Holy Trinity. If this “perpetual adoration” is practised 24 hours a day and night, it certainly fosters the watchful expectation of the Lord’s return and prepares us to receive Him.

With the eyes of faith we see the Lord making Himself known to us in the Blessed Sacrament. In this way He wants to show us His love and make us feel His closeness. Those who have the opportunity to pray before the Blessed Sacrament will notice how their relationship with the Lord deepens, becoming more intimate and tender, and how the inner layers of the soul open more and more to the presence of God in the Sacrament.

In the words of the Father’s message to Sister Eugenia, which we have been looking at in the last few meditations, our Father wants to show us His love and make us understand that in meditating on Sacred Scripture and in contemplating the Crucifix, the Tabernacle and the exposed Blessed Sacrament, we find sufficient occasion to perceive and assimilate this love more and more deeply.

Our Father wants us to live as His beloved children and to be sure of His love. Because this is so difficult for us, and because our Father’s infinite desire is for us to know Him as He really is, He declares His love to us in ever new ways, while at the same time showing us the proofs of His love that already exist.