386th Meditation

 “There is nothing greater than when a person returns to God and experiences and welcomes His love” (Inner Word).

The great return of mankind to the house of the Heavenly Father is still pending. Therefore, humanity has not yet reached its goal. The Will of the Father is not yet fulfilled on earth as it is in heaven, as He desires. Many people do not even know that there is a Creator, let alone that this Creator is their loving Father, who has no greater desire than for His child to return to Him.

Thus says the Father in the Message to Mother Eugenia:

“See how many of My creatures, who became My children through the mystery of the Redemption, are not in the pastures which I have prepared for all men through My Son. And how many others, and you know it, are still unaware of the existence of these pastures. And how many creatures of My Hands, whose existence I know of but of which you are ignorant, do not even know the Hand Which shaped them! Oh, how I would like to let you know what an almighty Father I am for you and would also be for those creatures, through My benefits!”

This is the way the Father looks at His children who are in danger of being lost, but His gaze also rests on us, who have the grace to know Him. It is as if He wanted to say to us: “Can at least you understand me a little?” Perhaps He would say to us: “Surely you too have people whom you love in a special way. How would you feel if you saw them dying of hunger and thirst in this world, deprived of food for their spirit and languishing in the darkness of ignorance? Would you not suffer and fight for them? Behold, I love every single person in this way, and even more, because it was I who called them to life, and now I see that they pass before me and, consequently, before true life.”

But it hurts not only to see the suffering of God, but also the misery of the person who does not know Him. That is why there is no greater joy in heaven than when a sinner repents and returns home (Lk 15:7). If we have the grace to contribute to this, we can have a part in the greatest thing that can happen to a person and in what unleashes the greatest joy in heaven.