443rd Meditation

“There is a fine golden thread running through our lives. If we find this thread and follow it, our life becomes less exhausting and more fruitful. This ‘golden thread’ is the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is quite fine and subtle. If we follow it, everything we do will be even more marked by the supernatural and, consequently, we will do it with more agility” (based on an “inner word”).

Both Sacred Scripture and the Father’s message to Sister Eugenia remind us that God wants to take on our burdens. Therefore, we should not be overwhelmed or heavy with burdens that we are not even able to carry. Again and again we hear the Lord’s invitation: “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28).

With the help of our Father, we can find a clue that points the way in our lives, a “golden thread”. In other words, we recognise how the Holy Spirit wants to lead us through the day. As we become familiar with His leading, it becomes a “golden thread” that runs through our whole life.

As time goes by, we will notice with increasing Accuracy whether we have found the thread or whether our day has been defined by burdens that often weigh us down.

The key is the Holy Spirit sent to us by the Father and the Son. He takes the reins in the lives of those who have learned to pay attention to Him. He can take the reins so far that He becomes like an angel who goes ahead of us, pointing the way and carrying us along.

In this way our life undergoes a transformation. It will no longer be us who do things from our own ideas and strength, even if we ask the Holy Spirit for help, but it will be He Himself who points out the way and we follow Him.

It is similar to what happens on the spiritual path when we move from meditative to contemplative prayer.

The “golden thread” is there! We can find it, even in the ordinary tasks of everyday life, because, as St Teresa of Avila said, “God walks among the pots and pans”.