To serve our Heavenly Father means to take part in His loving concern for mankind. He excludes no one from His love. However, man can close himself off from this love. This is precisely what the Father wants to avoid, and to this end He calls His “apostles” to bear true witness to Him.

His loving gaze rests today on the youth, who are easily deceived by false ideals:

“I want to protect the young people as a tender Father. There is so much evil in the world! These poor, inexperienced souls are letting themselves be seduced by the attraction of vice which, little by little, leads to total ruin. You who especially need someone to take care of you in life, so that you can avoid evil, come to Me! I am the Father Who loves you more than any other creature will ever be able to do! Take refuge close, very close to Me, confide in Me your thoughts and your desires. I will love you tenderly. I will give you graces for the present and bless your future. You can be sure I will not forget you after fifteen or twenty-five or thirty years, having created you. Come! I see that you greatly need a sweet and infinitely good Father like Me”.

How true are these words of our Father! How many temptations are those exposed to, who would need a gentle yet firm hand to guide them in life! How many bad models and artificial worlds, unreal and full of evil have arisen! How little guidance do the young receive, in a world increasingly hostile to faith!

They must know the Heavenly Father, and we, the faithful, must be a bridge to them. Even if there is no guarantee that, by offering them our help, they will indeed return to the Father’s house, we are called to go out in search of them – together with the Lord – and to pray always for them. Every desire of the Father’s Heart is sacred to us!