Exclusively on my own responsibility, I submit the following writing before the Lord, hoping that it will help some people to be attentive to the signs of the times.

 It was at Easter 2020 that the coronavirus crisis, which burst headlong upon humanity, had “taken hold” of public life, to the point that churches were closed. Now, a year later, not much has changed. Today, the world’s population is confronted with enormous efforts to carry out a global vaccination in order to achieve a kind of “herd immunity”.[1] Through the vaccine and other measures, it is intended to defeat the virus and to give back to people those freedoms they have lost since the first lockdowns.

Serious observations and questions

It is striking that measures that have been taken almost in unison by governments in much of the world are considered “untouchable”. There is hardly any fruitful public debate about such far-reaching measures as are being taken in the course of this crisis. On the contrary! Politicians, the media and the so-called big tech giants do not even allow such a debate and often suppress other information. Alternatives to the vaccines on offer are not made public. Anything that diverges from the “official version” is easily labelled as a “conspiracy theory” of the “anti-vaccinators”. In this way, any serious debate can be stifled.

Why does mass propaganda create the impression that the measures being taken are inevitable? Why is the growing number of doctors and scientists, who express serious concerns about the use of masks, vaccination and other restrictions, not being listened to? Why are delimitations already being established in relation to the “non-vaccinated”, excluding the latter from certain “civil liberties”? Why are vaccination certificates for all being planned, which would disadvantage those who have not been vaccinated? Are these the only coherent measures in the face of a virus whose mortality rate is not even unusually high? [2]

Does this not give the impression that the way of dealing with the crisis resembles the Chinese form of handling it, that some of their methods have been adopted in one way or another?

 Moral pressure

It is often said that vaccination is for the benefit of the entire population, and that those who refuse it are acting irresponsibly. Similar statements come even from the Holy See in Rome, and much of the church hierarchy promotes worldwide vaccination, as if it were the only way to deal with this crisis. However, there are Catholics who question or reject the vaccine, on moral as well as medical and scientific grounds.

With moral pressure growing stronger, there could easily develop an atmosphere of latent aggression against those who have come to a different point of view and decision regarding the handling of Covid-19. Such people could possibly be seen as a threat to one’ s own health.

From the perspective of faith

Why did God allow this crisis? As far as I can see, this crucial question is often not even asked in the context of the coronavirus crisis. But without that question there is no key to understanding the current situation. God does not simply leave the world to itself, as if the current event had nothing to do with Him. It is His children who live in the world, whom He has destined to live in communion with Him and with each other!

 Transgression of God’s commandments

For a harmonious coexistence with God and people, there are conditions that cannot be violated without serious consequences. This includes the observance of God’s commandments, for only under this condition can true life develop (cf. Dt 30:16). However, His commandments are being violated on a massive scale. The protection of life from the moment of conception to natural death is seriously threatened. Abortion is the number one cause of death worldwide.[3] The natural end of life is also increasingly endangered by active euthanasia. The destruction of marriages and families, the advance of an absurd gender ideology, the massive pressure for homosexual unions to be considered equivalent to marriage, fraud, corruption, moral decadence in various fields, among many other things… All this distorts and obscures the face of God that should be reflected in the lives of people.

God being a loving Father, should He simply close His eyes, as if all this were irrelevant? Should He let everything go on as it is, well knowing where this decline is leading? No! He does not act like that!

Deviations in the Catholic Church

The mission of the Church is to proclaim Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of humanity, who offers salvation to every man. In the Person of Christ, God’s mercy bends towards us, giving everyone the opportunity to convert and to live according to God’s Will and in the true light.

But in these times the Church is extremely weak. Instead of giving clear guidance to people, raising the call to conversion and showing people the need to live according to God’s Will, the voice of the Church speaks in unison with the leaders of this world, as if they could point us to the right way out of the present crisis. What is more, the Church authorities are exhorting us to submit to institutions whose anti-Christian character is evident.[4]

Where does this come from? Why does the Church seem to have almost lost its prophetic character and is even in danger of becoming an instrument of civil power?

Without overlooking the fact that confusions existed in the Church in the past, serious errors have accumulated in the current Pontificate: It started with Amoris Laetitia, that apostolic exhortation which opened a door to the possibility of receiving, under certain circumstances, the holy sacraments even while living in a state of sin at the objective level.[5] This is contrary to the Church’s precedent doctrine! Unfortunately, this “opening” must be considered as a step that favours sacrileges.

The “Document on Human Fraternity”, signed in Abu Dhabi by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, which states that “the pluralism and the diversity of religions (…) are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings”[6], overshadows the missionary commission of Christ, which the Church is to serve without reserve (cf. Mt 28:19-20). The Abu Dhabi Declaration therefore contradicts the witness of Holy Scripture and the teaching of the Church and undermines the missionary mandate of the Lord.

Subsequently, the so-called “Pachamama cult” took place in the Vatican Gardens in the presence of Pope Francis, an act that must be considered as idolatry and therefore an objective offense against God, which has not yet been atoned for and that occurred in the very seat of the Universal Church.

Should God, being a loving Father, simply overlook all this as if it were unimportant, especially in His Church? No! He does not act like that!

Call to conversion

The worldwide coronavirus crisis must be understood as a very serious warning from God for people to turn away from the ways of sin and error. Violation of His commandments is not only a rejection of a loving God; it darkens the whole of human life. It makes room for those spiritual powers that would do man harm and usurp his dignity as a child of God. So the real way out of this crisis does not consist in a questionable world-wide vaccination, and then to continue as before on the path of alienation from God and of countless aberrations, but rather in the conversion to God.

The life of men must be conformed to the Will of God! Anything else will only aggravate the crisis and enslave people. What the Church should do, then, is to follow the path that God has laid out for her, to turn clearly away from errors and deviations, and to proclaim the Kingdom of God with authority.

A Kingdom of the Antichrist

At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, some courageous and vigilant prelates wrote a manifesto, in which they warned that this crisis could be exploited by those forces attempting to erect a so-called “One World Government”.[7]

Politicians and other public figures have long been calling for a “One World Government”.[8] In the context of a global crisis, such demands can be considered and promoted as a global solution.

To some extent, the present crisis is already showing signs of central control: The guidelines of the WHO are being implemented almost worldwide, and governments are adopting their instructions.

Unfortunately, we cannot rule out that, in this way, plans for further centralization at various levels will continue to be promoted. But what kind of “Kingdom” would that be, in which almost the whole world would come under the domination of a central power? The Holy Scriptures announce the coming of a so-called “Antichrist” in the End Times, before the Return of Christ (cf. 2Thess 2:1-12; 1Jn 2:18-19,22-23). Most authors who develop this theme on the basis of Scripture assume that he will be a “world ruler”, whose political and spiritual influence will extend over the whole earth for a certain period of time.[9] The only impediment to the full unfolding of such a government will be those persons who recognize and reject the presumptuous and quasi-divine authority of the Antichrist, because they will identify him as an enemy of God and remain in obedience to God and His Son Jesus Christ.

However, the Antichrist will be able to deceive many people, since –as is assumed– he will present himself as a kind of “apostle of peace” and offer apparent solutions to existing problems.[10]

The Antichrist will be supported by a False Prophet, who will represent, so to speak, the spiritual and religious dimension, and will seduce people to listen to the Antichrist.[11]

Under the rule of the Antichrist, a kind of counter-kingdom to the reign of God would be established. In biblical terms, we could call it the “Kingdom of the Beast” (cf. Rev 16:10).

The coronavirus crisis: a rehearsal for a “New World Order”?

Are those voices right who warn that certain circles are using this crisis to introduce a kind of “One World Government”, which would control all areas of human life, override national characteristics and identities and increasingly prescribe to people how they should live?

From a Christian faith perspective, one becomes extremely vigilant when one hears suggestions that, without careful discernment of spirits, we should trust institutions that promote evidently anti-Christian policies. For example: why should we trust a WHO, which fosters free access to abortion, the early sexualization of children, LGBT groups and the gender ideology; and which in 2014, as part of a tetanus vaccination campaign in Kenya, immunized one million women between the ages of 14 and 49 with a vaccine that, without their knowledge, was combined with a substance that causes infertility and multiple miscarriages?[12]

If the WHO and other similarly inclined institutions were to take the lead for a globalized policy, then this would have an evident anti-Christian character.

The opposite of what would be the correct response to the coronavirus crisis would occur. Instead of converting and fighting against the terrible moral evils, both on a personal and social level, humanity, under such a global policy and under the leadership of anti-Christian forces, would become even more entangled in the culture of death. Beyond any doubt this can only correspond to a plan of darkness. A “New World Order” could become an excellent instrument to set up an anti-Christian dominion and prepare the way for the coming of the Antichrist.


Blind faith in current government policies on coronavirus is not the right attitude. Neither the many lockdowns, nor the use of masks, nor the promotion of a vaccine that has not been sufficiently tested, nor the creation of vaccination certificates are confidence-inspiring measures.

Supposedly, people will regain their freedom when they have been vaccinated. But what are these freedoms, and who is granting them? Governments? In reality, these are freedoms that belong to man by virtue of the dignity he has received from God. If governments take them away from people, and then give them back to them under certain conditions, then they are arrogating to themselves an authority that does not belong to them. Great vigilance will be needed to see if in this context, under the pretext that the coronavirus poses a deadly threat to the world’s population, new forms of government develop that drive people into dependency on pharmaceutical industries and other institutions of an anti-Christian character.

If there is no true conversion, to which God is exhorting us through current events, we will have to reckon with the fact that forces hostile to God will increasingly take over this situation and, in the worst case, will even attempt to erect a worldwide anti-Christian kingdom, under the guise of doing what is right and best for all men. However, this would be an incomparably greater catastrophe than the present crisis in the wake of Covid-19.

May God save us from it!

But if it can no longer be avoided, God will show us how to face this situation.


Br. Elija

24 April 2021


[1] In epidemiology, the concept of “herd immunity” refers to an indirect form of protection against a contagious disease that arises when a high percentage of the population has already become immune, either through infection or vaccination. This reduces the spread of the pathogen in the population as a whole, and thus indirectly increases the protection of non-immune persons.

[2] Currently, the case fatality rate is 0.23%, which means that for every 10,000 people infected, on average only 23 die as a result of Coronavirus disease. For every 1,000 people under the age of 50, infected with Coronavirus, on average less than one person dies. 94% of persons recorded as having died from Coronavirus had previous serious illnesses; 89% of those who died from Coronavirus were over 70 years of age and one third of them were over 85 years of age.

[3] Abortion was the No. 1 cause of death globally in 2020, according to data provided by Worldometer, a website that uses reporting from the world’s governments.

[4]  Pope Francis, for example, made the following statement in an interview on September 10, 2019: “When we acknowledge international organizations and we recognize their capacity to give judgment, on a global scale – for example the international tribunal in The Hague, or the United Nations. If we consider ourselves humanity, when they make statements, our duty is to obey (…). We must obey international institutions (…). We need to go forward strengthening the international institutions: the United Nations, that they might take in hand once again their role; that the European Union might become stronger, not in the sense of domination, but in the sense of justice, of fraternity, of unity for all. I believe this to be one of the important things.”

[5] A more detailed explanation of the problematic aspects of this exhortation can be found in “Amoris Laetitia: a difficult issue”:


[7] In May 2020, Cardinals Müller, Zen and many other ecclesiastical personalities issued an appeal under the motto “Veritas liberabit vos”. In it they warn: “We have reason to believe – and this on the basis of official data on the epidemic in terms of the number of deaths – that there are forces interested in creating panic among the population. In this way, they want to permanently impose forms of unacceptable restriction of freedom and the associated control over persons and the tracking of all their movements. These illiberal control attempts are the disturbing prelude to the creation of a world government that is beyond all control.”

[8] Bill Gates, for example, stated in an interview with the German newspaper ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ in 2015: “We are ready for war, we have divisions. But what about epidemics? How many doctors do we have for that, how many planes, tents, scientists? If there were something like a world government, we would be better prepared.”


[9] Authors developing this vision of the Antichrist include: Wladimir Solowjew with his “Short Tale of the Anti-Christ”; Robert Hugh Benson, author of the book “Lord of the World”; and Michael O’Brien with his trilogy “Father Elijah” (1996).

[10] In the “Brief Account of the Antichrist” of Wladimir Solowjew, the following words are put into the mouth of the Antichrist, who has by this time been proclaimed Emperor of mankind: “Nations of the World! The promises have been fulfilled! An eternal universal peace has been secured. Every attempt to destroy it will meet with determined and irresistible opposition, since a middle power is now established on earth which is stronger than all the other powers, separately or conjointly. This unconquerable, all-surmountable power belongs to me (…) Henceforth, no country will dare to say ‘War’ when I say ‘Peace!’ Peoples of the world, peace to you!”

[11] In the Book of Revelation, mention is also made of the False Prophet as “another beast” (cf. Rev 13:11-17), who leads the inhabitants of the earth to worship the “first beast” (the Antichrist).