The Two Meanings Of Advent (ADVENT IN APOCALYPTIC TIMES, Part 1)

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NOTE: On November 30 I posted on my YouTube channel a video entitled “Advent in Apocalyptic Times,” which was immediately censored. In view of this, I have decided to put in writing the content of this lecture, which I thought was valuable. I had alluded to the measures around the coronavirus, and the reason YouTube was eager to censor the video is that it would have violated the “Community Standards”. Read More


175th Meditation

“Your heaven, My creatures, is in paradise, together with My chosen ones, because it is there that you will contemplate Me in an everlasting vision and will enjoy eternal glory. My heaven is on earth with you all, o men! Yes, it is on earth and in your souls that I look for My happiness and My joy. You can provide Me with this joy and it is also your duty towards your Creator and Father, Who desires and expects this of you” (Father’s Message to Sr. Eugenia Ravasio). Read More