NOVENA TO GOD THE FATHER – Day 3: Father, I Want to Be Your Light

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Beloved Father, this series of meditations is a Novena in Your honour, and is to help men – Your beloved children – to know You more deeply.

It will also serve to fulfil Your wish that the Church will soon establish a liturgical Feast on which You will be honoured as “Father of all Mankind”. You entrusted this desire of Yours to Mother Eugenia Ravasio. Read More

NOVENA TO GOD THE FATHER – Day 2: You, Father, Are the Life

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To know You, O Father, is life; true life; eternal life…

Indeed, it is this that we always seek… We are constantly on the lookout for something that will fulfil us, that will make us happy – according to our concept of happiness -; for something that will last… But can there be true happiness without You? Read More

NOVENA TO GOD THE FATHER – Day 1: You Are my Father!

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To You, Heavenly Father,

we entrust ourselves wholly and unreservedly,

for You are our loving and most beloved Father.

I place these words as the beginning of the novena to God the Father which we begin today, for this is how we men should live. Read More


Between 29 July and 6 August we will be making a novena in preparation for the Feast of God the Father, which, although not yet officially established by the Church, we celebrate at least privately every 7 August, in accordance with the request expressed by God the Father Himself in the Message to Mother Eugenia Ravasio. During these nine days, these meditations would replace the “3 minutes for Abba”.



“Jesus said: Father, the hour has come: glorify your Son so that your Son may glorify you” (Jn 17:1).

The hour of Jesus… It is the dark hour in which Jesus shows His love for the Father unto the end.

It is the dark hour when Jesus seeks comfort from His disciples in the garden of Gethsemane, but finds none (Mt 26:36-46).

It is the dark hour when Jesus gives His definitive yes to the will of the Father (Mt 26:42). Read More