“Trust in me without reserve” – I heard one day in prayer.

The love of our Father invites us to trust Him unreservedly. There is nothing that God does not know; He knows us better than we know ourselves, He knows our heart:

“Lord, you examine me and know me,

you know when I sit, when I rise,

you understand my thoughts from afar.

You watch when I walk or lie down,

you know every detail of my conduct” (Ps 138:1-3).

How can we not trust in Him and let Him heal in us the deep wound that the first sin of our fathers left on us: the loss of trust, the insecurity of our existence, the false image of our Father…?

You, Father, want our trust without limits. This does not mean recklessness or blind optimism. No! What you want is that we abandon ourselves in your love and let ourselves be enveloped by it. You want us not to rely on the securities that we ourselves operate, on things that exist today and disappear tomorrow.

Your love invites us to simply place our whole existence, our whole being, in your hands, knowing that you are our Father.

Why do we hesitate to hand over the reins of our life completely to You, why do we hesitate to take the last step?

It is probably because we do not yet know You well and do not sufficiently understand what You are really like. If we knew better, we could simply let ourselves fall. And then we would discover that for so long you have been waiting for us.

In reality, it is very simple. That which limits our trust is the unreal, a dark fantasy, a shadowy dream…

But if we take the step towards true freedom, the step towards You, then we wake up, and behold, we are alive (cf. 2 Cor 6:9).